Imagine a world without Standards

Take a moment out of your routine to think about this…what would it be like if you lived in a world without certainty of getting the same quality product or service whenever and wherever you purchased something?

Assuming you dine out regularly but have favourite dishes you order for irrespective of the restaurant you go to, imagine having to live with the uncertainty of NOT getting pleasure in your mouth and safety in your mind?

Or worse still, assuming you purchase fuel, from a specific chain of fuel stations, imagine the discomfort of not knowing whether each of these fuel stations provides the same quality of fuel.

The world you live in today has an agreed or expected way of doing something. Whether it is a process, service, or product, we live in a world that has an expected a bare minimum which whoever provides a service or product must strictly adhere to.

That is precisely what a standard is; an agreed and/or expected way of doing something. Technocrats will say a standard is a “document that prescribes technical requirements to be fulfilled by a product, process or service” but in essence, this document simply defines what is expected of someone providing a service or product.

Standards are designed to ensure products, services and systems are safe, reliable and consistent.

Numerous standards have been developed, world all over, in an effort to harmonize the way things are done. Most standards are developed with hindsight to quality and safety of a product, service, and process for all users. This is the reason why everyone stands to benefit from the development and implementation of standards.

At Quality Assurance and Management Consultants, we believe standardization is a necessity for a better life, for everyone. Our portfolio of standards includes Quality Management Standards, Food Safety Management Standards, Environmental Management Standards, Health and Safety Standards; contact us today to help you improve your processes, products and services for a better life for us all today.

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