Why you need to be ISO certified?

Seeing that there are businesses and organizations that are thriving without going through the rigorous process that leads to becoming ISO certified, you may wonder, why then, do you need to invest in getting your organization certified? Whilst becoming certified earns you a certificate, the far-reaching benefits lay ahead of the certificate of conformance you […]

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Imagine a world without Standards

Take a moment out of your routine to think about this…what would it be like if you lived in a world without certainty of getting the same quality product or service whenever and wherever you purchased something? Assuming you dine out regularly but have favourite dishes you order for irrespective of the restaurant you go […]

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What can you do with a certificate of conformance?

You might or must have heard by now, getting certified is not the ultimate aim for standardising your business or organization’s operations but this does not reduce that authentic piece of paper to nothing. The certificate a business or organization is awarded as a mark that it has standardized its processes can, as a matter […]

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