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Quality Assurance

As Ugandan businesses continue to demand for business from government and major purchasers, and entry into foreign markets, one question is asked of them; can they deliver the required QUALITY? This comes on the back of failure for many Ugandan businesses to deliver quality products in the past. As the debate raves on, a campaign has emerged to re-echo the call for purchasers to Buy Ugandan, Build Uganda.

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Food Safety

Uganda is often described as Africa’s food basket, amongst many other glowing names, and agriculture has for long been the country’s predominant economic activity. From cash crops to food crops, Ugandan farmers have produced in abundance.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

For many businesses and organizations in Uganda, corporate social responsibility remains a luxury and is viewed as a drain on resources. It has thus been left to large corporate companies such as telecoms, banks, manufacturers and NGOs. However, if systematically implemented, corporate social responsibility benefits businesses and organizations extensively.

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Environmental Management

Uganda’s manufacturing industry has grown over the years as the country takes strides towards economic growth. This positive development has however come at a cost. The rise in the number of economic activities in the country especially through industrialization has increased the strain on natural resources and the environment.

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Health & Safety Management System

Ugandan media often carries a horrifying report that narrates a nightmare presently suffered by an employee who was involved in a workplace accident. Most of the victims are workers who were previously employed in an industrial setting but are now rendered jobless due to incapacitation. They have since been laid off work leaving them and their dependents in dire need.

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