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Are you a top business leader, Board member or Executive who sets the tone for your organization? This time more than ever calls for you to have access to the right information and tools to enable you to be agile. Is it time for the organization to pivot in another direction? How do you know? Which direction should you take?

We have great news for you.

Quality Assurance and Management Consultants is launching their Executive Programs.

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Business Continuity Management 1 using ISO 22301

Are you an organization that needs to continue to deliver products and services at an acceptable predefined capacity during a disruption like the Covid 19 pandemic? Do you seek to enhance your resilience through the effective application
of the Business Continuity Managements System? Our Business Continuity Management training program offers solutions to manage risks to handle the threat of business activities or processes being interrupted by eternal or internal factors. Our Business continuity management program aligned with ISO 22301 international Standard is based on analysis and takes into consideration the organization as an entirety


Governance and Strategic Planning in the Health Sector

The health sector has in the recent past been at the center of all countries especially during the COVID 19 pandemic. Leaders in the sector have been challenged personally as well as at an institutional level to deal with the challenges some of which are unknown to them. There is so much uncertainly and yet key stakeholders expect answers. This calls for the leaders to appreciate the current environment with all its uncertainties and put plans and strategies in place that will stand the test of time. There is a critical need to re-study the governance
methodologies while appreciating the unpredictable future in the world; leveraging resources; setting and implementing strategies that will derive the desired outcomes for stakeholders


Improving Risk Management Using ISO 31000

In the current business environment where traditional business models are being disrupted, there is increasing pressure to to run operations in the most economical, efficient, effective
manner while responsibly managing current and emergent business risks.

This course will help participants to understand Broad Dimensions of Risk and Sustainable


Strategic Stake holder Engagement

The public is increasingly aware of what kind of services it has a right to expect from service providers. Armed with this knowledge and the social media platforms, they are fast to demand the desired level of service and report their grievances; in the process exposing the failures of organizations. Organizations which have not paid attention to the needs of their stakeholders
have paid the ultimate price of having their organisations labelled which has had a negative impact on their brand.


Strategic Leadership in the Public Sector

Increasingly leaders in the public sector are being called upon to be more agile and responsive to the changing contexts of their institutions. This calls for the leader to appreciate the strengths and weaknesses of their individual leadership style; typical reactions in different settings; the impact on teams and the institution. Refining individual leadership styles can then lead to appreciating the leadership landscape; leveraging resources; setting and implementing strategies that derives desired outcomes for their institutions.


Our Accountability:

We shall ensure:

  • Venues for holding training sessions will have rooms spacious enough to allow social distancing.
  • Temperature testing, nose masks and gloves shall be provided
    to participants.
  • Participants will be seated at least 1 meter from each other.
  • Provision of desk microphones if possible to avoid having to
    move the same microphone around.

Please Note:

In the event that the training needs to be delivered on line, participants should have either laptops or i-pads and sufficient data for the training. Approximately between 50 – 100 gb.

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